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Idiyappam Flour | Appam Flour, Puttu Flour Pathiri | Natural Roasted Rice Flour Powder. 500gm

Idiyappam Flour | Appam Flour, Puttu Flour Pathiri | Natural Roasted Rice Flour Powder. 500gm

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Savastha Idiyappam Rice Flour - Experience Authentic South Indian Breakfasts

Unlock the true essence of South Indian cuisine with Savastha Idiyappam Rice Flour. Crafted to perfection, this natural and unadulterated rice flour is the key to creating soft and delicious idiyappam, appam, puttu, and various other breakfast delicacies.

What Sets It Apart:

  • Single Origin Rice: Our rice flour is derived from single-origin, naturally grown rice, ensuring that every dish you prepare is a tribute to the rich flavors of South India.

  • Soft and Fine Texture: The rice powder is meticulously ground to a soft and fine consistency, guaranteeing that your idiyappam and other breakfast dishes turn out fluffy and perfect.

  • Roasted to Perfection: Our rice flour is roasted to a delightful golden hue. This enhances the flavor and aroma, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your South Indian dishes.
  • Pure and Fresh: Savastha Idiyappam Rice Flour is untainted by artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals. It's a testament to purity and authenticity.

  • Easy Preparation: Cooking South Indian breakfast favorites has never been easier. Our rice flour is non-sticky and comes with clear cooking instructions right on the package.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: We care about the environment, and our biodegradable food-grade packaging reflects our commitment to sustainable practices.

Savastha Idiyappam Rice Flour is your partner in the kitchen, offering a delightful journey into the heart of South Indian cuisine. With every dish you create, you're embracing the flavors and traditions of this beloved region. Enjoy the satisfaction of soft and fluffy idiyappam, appam, and puttu, made effortlessly with our premium rice flour.

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